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Use Virtual Phone Numbers and Get Real Control over Your Voice Communications!

Personal and professional users can send all callers to one phone - then choose to route the calls to dedicated greetings and voice mail.

For small businesses - add a business number or business extension that can ring to any phone. Phone Dynamo gives small businesses easy-to-use call management features that are great for small offices, remote/virtual employees and traveling employees.

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  • No Long Term Contract Required
  • Works With All Phone Carriers
  • Virtual SMS Also Available

Per month. $2.99 For Additonal Lines. FREE Activation and 24/7 Customer Support!


All of your calls routed to one phone for easy access, management and disposition of calls.

Small Business

The flexibility of adding numbers, extensions and area codes that can ring to any existing phone.

Make your phone more useful. Get more control of voice communications.

All great reasons to use Phone Dynamo!

Virtual Phone System: The Future of Business Communication

It is incredibly important for a small business to operate in many different areas and market segments; almost like developing a virtual office in a particular city or region, without actually opening up a physical office location there. The overhead can become overwhelming for small businesses wanting to market their services or products nationwide. This is why Phone Dynamo brings you our virtual number services. Not only will your business be well represented in your market segments, but you will also gain the trust of your customers and clients by having a phone number with a local area code. Many other companies have offered solutions for business communications for decades but, the affordable virtual phone system from Phone Dynamo allows your company to have a phone number with each different area code to correspond with your different market areas of focus.

With advancements in technology, businesses are expanding nationally and globally at rapid rate. It could be considered iron to some, but businesses on the east coast provide goods to the west coast, while west coast businesses provide these virtual number services to the east coast. As a great visionary and marketer it is important to analyze the behavior of the general public in order to keep your business up and running. We are seeing the world become smaller and the amount of clients and customers are becoming limitless.

The more people within your business, even high ranking executives, who are taking advantage of inexpensive virtual phone systems will save your business a lot of money in the long run. With our service you can say goodbye to annoying long distance and roaming fees, at least for your main executives cell phone; which can be especially valuable if they are constantly traveling. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to disclose where exactly your leading executives are throughout the world? All a customer will see is that they are calling a local number and they immediately get in contact with the person they needed to speak to. Virtual numbers are the future of business communication!

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