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Simple plans for individual and business use. All plans come with complete call management and privacy features.

With a virtual phone number from Phone Dynamo you can save thousands of dollars per year on expensive personal or business phone accounts. With an easy to use interface and customization features there is no other virtual phone number provider like us!

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • No Long Term Contract Required
  • Works With All Phone Carriers
  • Virtual SMS Also Available

Per month. $2.99 For Additonal Lines. FREE Activation and 24/7 Customer Support!

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Below are some great examples of how you can make the most out of your virtual number from Phone Dynamo:

1. The Red Telephone: If you have watched any James Bond film from the Cold War days, I am sure you remember seeing that red telephone on the desk of the president. In case of imminent nuclear war, the President would pick up the phone and have a direct line to Russia. While you probably won’t be preparing for nuclear war, you always want to be prepared for any crisis that may arise. Using your virtual number you can designate a number for all emergencies. If you get a call on that number you know you need to drop everything and answer immediately.

2. Virtual Corporate Office: Not every small business owner has the luxury of starting off with a nice big office in some commercial high rise. Maybe your “office” is simply a desk in your bedroom with a laptop and an extended computer screen. Using virtual numbers your customers and clients will never know the difference. Allowing them certain options for support or customer service, callers will think you are en established business with different departments and locations.

3. Marketing Tool: Many businesses depend on leads to generate business. It is difficult to continuously try and call a potential lead with the same phone number. Even if they do finally pick up they will not be happy that you have been calling them for 5 days in a row now. Using virtual numbers you can call them on different numbers each time. By the time you finally get through to them, for all they know it was the first time you tried calling.

4. Virtual Info: Let’s say you are a realtor and you want to create a resource for potential buyers to learn more info about certain properties in the area without them having to actually talk to a person. You can set up a virtual number with a greeting and detailed information about each listing that buyers can listen to 24 hours a day, and more importantly, without bothering you. You can even keep note of all your contact numbers so you can follow up when the time is right.

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