Who is Using Phone Dynamo?

People using virtual numbers online

Maintain privacy. Maintain control over who can call you and when.

Online selling, craigslist, e-bay, dating sites, social networking, alumni and professional networks.. any online phone number listing.


Control phone access and expand personal flexibility and mobility when conducting business.

Small Office / Home Office, public figures, entertainers, entrepreneurs, journalists, professors, teachers, doctors and attorneys, real-estate, sales associates.


Create a professional presentation and control your calls with your existing phone.

Get business extensions and local phone numbers. Easy call routing, complete call history and private voice mail.


Create multiple phone line profiles quickly and easily.

Add additional numbers or extensions at a click of a button. Change numbers monthly.


Create greetings and play messages as announcements. Choose to disconnect or option to voice mail.

Student organizations, sports organizations, city government and any organization that needs a call in number they can update instantly.

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