Make Your Phone More Powerful

It's time for simple, powerful solutions that provide more control and more options for your current phone.

Why isn't having multiple phone numbers and filtering calls as easy as adding and filtering e-mail addresses?

Phone Dynamo is a great solution for individuals, professionals and businesses. Messaging and call routing options make it easy to forward calls, deliver timely messaging to callers, send users to voice mail and manage how and when you are available. Phone Dynamo is Phone Dynamite to the old way of doing things.

Simple Call Management

  • Easily manage muliple phone numbers
  • Decide what calls get through to you
  • Route your calls before answering
  • Control Caller ID
  • Manage separate voice mail and call history
Choose your call announcements, greetings, voice mail.. even whether to use live prompts when someone calls you. EASY.

Free Your Voice

We phone-enable every social interaction in a way that is safe and controllable. For dating, online selling or business or social networking. Phone Dynamo allows you to use your phone to communicate easily, safely and without revealing your real number. Anywhere you would normally share your phone number, use Phone Dynamo instead. Our service works with any cell phone or land line.

Management Team

Randy Dean - CEO

Randy pioneered many of the first interactive products and services as one of the earliest employees of AOL. He has 20 years of experience in all facets of the consumer online industry.

Chuck Mitchell - President

Chuck has produced hosted solutions coupled with industry leading interactive applications for satellite, cable, mobile and web platforms. He has 20 years of innovation and award winning product experience.

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